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Three Things the Best Personal Trainers have in Common

Published: April 20, 2021

I’ve been in the personal training industry for 18 years, and I have met some pretty impressive personal trainers through different trade shows, industry conventions and virtual events. I’ve had the privilege of meeting personal trainers that have trained some pretty famous celebrities and Olympic athletes, and I’ve even met trainers that have been on reality tv shows.
When I reflect on what all these world-renowned personal trainers have in common, I’ve come up with three traits that, in my humble opinion, all the best trainers in the world share.

They have strong convictions:
The best trainers believe so strongly that nothing is more important than your physical activity and nutrition. They believe what you ate for breakfast or how much you sit on your couch today matters so much more than you are understanding. It’s more than just a “you should do this” type of mentality. It’s an “I would do anything to get you to understand how much this matters” type of passion.

They love to see other people succeed:
Although these highly respected trainers look amazing, they care about way more than their physique. These trainers care as much about the health and fitness levels of their clients as they do themselves. If a client reaches a goal or a milestone, they are just as happy as if they had reached it themselves. Not only with their clients, but with everyone they meet. It’s pretty cool to see people who have a gift of cheering on others in a way that is so sincere.

They are professionals at accountability:
The best personal trainers in the world are so great at not taking excuses from clients. Not in a way that is belittling or judgmental, but in the way their clients need. The clients pay good money for the best trainers because they need to know they will see results. They rely on these trainers to not take their excuses, and these trainers do a fantastic job at it. They keep their clients accountable to the behaviors that will get them results without making them feel discouraged. The accountability is more than getting the clients to do the right behaviors, it’s getting them motivated and wanting to do so.

At Axio Fitness, we genuinely believe we have the best personal trainers in the area. We all work together and strive to be the best we can for our clients. We will prove to you that we care about your goals, we will root you on to success, and hold you accountable in the ways you need.

2 comments on “Three Things the Best Personal Trainers have in Common”

  1. We agree, your trainers are very professional, willing to go the extra to help all clients. As my wife and I train three times per week, I often hear the best excuse ever. "I'm only a little old grandma, I can't do that" When the truth is found, a little push, nudge, & encouragement she'll do it. Thank you for all the times you us push us to meet our goals. The trainers often comment on the improvements they have witnessed in our development over the many years.

  2. They are the best at meeting your needs. If you come in and have a certain area that is sore or bothering you they know how to address the problem. They are compassionate and knowledgeable.

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