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Struggling to Get Motivated?

Published: October 16, 2020

It is October of 2020… although our day to day routine might be feeling more normal, our world is still far from normal. No big weddings coming up, no vacations to look forward to, and no plans of guests coming over for a dinner party.

With our lives and culture being socially distant, it can be quite easy to lose motivation to look and feel your best. When socializing is through zoom and grocery stores require masks, why not do another tv binge and order some tacos to be delivered!?

It is so easy to understand why so many of us are struggling to get motivated to exercise. If exercise feels like a chore, there is no reason to want to look your best, and gyms are full of germs, then you understand why gyms and fitness centers have really slowed.

But as much as you may not be feeling the drive to get active, here are two major reasons why you should:

First, you may not have much of a social life right now but looking and feeling your best has more to do with what you see and how you feel, not what other people see. We all want to feel confident and energetic when we are out in the world, but life gets very good when you have the energy to do yard work after an hour long zoom call, when you take hikes rather than binge on tv shows, or when you burn energy rather than sitting on your phone and then regretting it an hour later.

Do something that today that will help you feel accomplished tonight. Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

Finally, if spread of germs in a gym setting feels unsafe to you right now, take heart in knowing Axio Fitness is not a gym. We are very personal, low traffic facilities. Our studios are squeaky clean and disinfected after every session, and our trainers are in masks and following all the protocol to keep you safe. Not to mention, we make exercise fun for our clients and it never feels like a chore! Keep yourself energized, strong, and confident. Start an exercise routine with Axio Fitness today! Call 330-718-8009 to get started.

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