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Do You Miss Gym Class?

Published: March 10, 2021

It has been a long time since my last high school gym class, but I miss it! I think I’m in the minority, but I absolutely loved gym class.
Volleyball, mat ball, hockey… all things I looked forward to every day. If I could attend gym class today, I would! I would pay money for a traditional gym class where the games and events were always changing, always organized with officiating and score keeping, and always feeding my competitive side.
If you are reading this and thinking I am crazy and that gym class was nothing but a mandatory inconvenience to your wardrobe planning, then Axio Fitness is the place for you!
If you do not like exercise, don’t like exercising in front of an audience, or don’t voluntarily run laps and do sit-ups, then you should consider calling us!
We provide privacy, motivation, and accountability for people who need it.

Privacy- You are in your own, fully equipped private training room. It is only you and your Axio Fitness personal trainer. No audience and no peers watching and comparing! All the focus is on you, your workout, your progress, and your goals.
Motivation- If you find that your motivation for better health ebbs and flows, or that you work out and eat right on Monday, then skip workouts and eat poorly on Friday, we can help. Our job is to help clients stay motivated. We help you to see the bigger picture that the small, daily changes are achieving. We will always help you want to get outside for a walk or eat your vegetables.
Accountability- In high school, you went to gym class so you could graduate! Our clients come because they pay for the sessions and they know there is a trainer at the studio waiting for them. A trainer who loves you and wants to see you succeed. At Axio Fitness we make your goals our goals, and we are laser focused on your progress.

We don’t have a gymnasium with basketball hoops and volleyballs, but we do have plenty of ways to help you get active. We will take you through many different workouts to help you discover the exercise routines you love. And if you are like me and miss those traditional gym class workouts, we can do that too!
If you want privacy, motivation and accountability, call us today!

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