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Change Up Your Fitness Routine

Published: January 21, 2021

By Erin Mellinger

Is your exercise routine a little too routine? Even personal trainers can be guilty of getting stuck in the same fitness routine. We stick to the same exercises or workout programs because they are fun for us, it is in our comfort zone, or because we are good at certain exercises.
Although all exercise is good, sometimes changing up your fitness routine can be beneficial for a couple of reasons.
First, it is easy to plateau on results if you do the same things over and over. Exercise is your body adapting. Your body gets stronger because it is adapting to the stress you put on it. However, our body can adapt and become so efficient at doing that same routine that it no longer expends the energy or gets you the results that same routine used to get you.
The second reason to change things up is to keep exercise fun. If you find your exercise routine is starting to feel like a chore, doing different types of workouts can keep things fun and interesting. There may be certain exercises, workouts, or styles you love but you don’t know it yet. And you won’t know until you try it! Any time you can learn more and add more to your routine, you’ll be more likely to turn exercise into a permanent lifestyle change.
At Axio Fitness, we believe there are so many right ways to exercise. Exercise programming should be in line with your goals, but it should also be fun and different. If you’re a traditional type of lifter or exerciser, we’ll show you some progressive workouts. If you like to do new an crazy exercises you find on line, we’ll help you perfect the traditional lifting basics needed to prevent injury and avoid muscle imbalances.
If you want help switching up your exercise routine, call Axio Fitness today!

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