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Your One-Mile Challenge

Published: May 30, 2021

Many people know the tremendous health benefits of walking or running, but we struggle to find the motivation to stay consistent. Many of our clients would agree that it is tough to find time to get outside for a little cardio when it isn’t a priority in their busy day.

One way to stay motivated that I have found helpful is to pick a distance to walk or jog and work to improve your time. Seeing improvements keeps you motivated to stay consistent and work hard. And when the distance is only around a mile, it’s not a huge undertaking or major time commitment out of your day. However, just going a mile with hard exertion will give you great health benefits and improve your all around fitness levels.

So my summer challenge for you is this: Find your favorite spot to walk or jog, and use your smart watch or an app on your phone to figure out a one mile distance. Then start with moderate exertion and time yourself.

Two to three times per week, do that very same mile with the goal of beating your time before. You don’t have to be a runner to do this; you can improve your walking speed and still exert yourself to a level of seeing health and fitness gains. And who knows… you may start to pick up the pace to a jog or run and enjoy it!

From Memorial Day to Labor Day, try this one-mile challenge just two to three days per week. You’ll be glad you did every time you cross that finish line!

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