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The Importance of Core Strength

Published: January 25, 2023

Many of us want to focus on our ab muscles because we want a flat stomach. However, a strong core includes so much more than flat abs or improved physical appearance. Remember that your core is your entire midsection and not just your abs. Experts describe your core as your abs, sides, back, pelvic floor, glutes, and diaphragm.

A strong core requires doing more than stomach crunches and planks. It is necessary to have dynamic workouts that engage all of the different muscles in your core. Kettlebell swings, wood chops, loaded carries or donkey kicks are all examples of great exercises for your core.

A strong core has so many benefits including improved balance and stability, avoiding injury and back pain, better posture and improved strength in everyday movements.

Your core plays a major role in your everyday activities from getting in and out of a car to bending over to pick up a child. A strong core helps you to do all of these daily activities better, and for longer. Start working on your core today to ensure a strong quality of life for many years.

If you need help learning core exercises or improving your core strength, Axio Fitness is here to help!

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