Who is a typical client at Axio Fitness?

There is no typical client, other than the person who values privacy and personal attention. Whether you are a baby boomer who has never exercised before, a lifelong athlete wanting to take your goals to the next level, or a self-conscious teen, we will provide the individual attention you need, all in a private setting.

Do I need to be in shape to come to Axio Fitness?

Please have no worries about your current health and fitness levels. No matter your age or ability, we can assess where you are and determine realistic goals, then set a safe and customized plan to help you see progress every week.

How do I know which personal trainer to choose?

We are set up a little different than most personal training facilities because we do not just put you with one trainer. We have certified personal trainers with different areas of expertise, and we have dieticians and other specialists. Although you will see different trainers, we all work together and get to know you and your goals personally. You just book the session time that is good for you, and we will have the right person ready to serve you!

What does the Free Axio Meet-UP entail?

We are happy to schedule a time to give you a tour of the facility, discuss your needs and wants, and answer all your questions to determine whether Axio Fitness is the place for you. Most of our Axio Meet-Up sessions take 30- 45 minutes and it is simply the first step to getting to know each other. Our mission is to sincerely help our clients if we can. No Gimmicks and No Pressure!

Still have questions? Please call us at 234-236-4296 or write to [email protected]! We are happy to answer them for you!

Free Axio Meet up Booking

No Gimmicks. No Pressure. Just honest support.
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