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Our Axio Nutrition Program provides the accountability and support needed to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Kara Sabatino, our Registered, Licensed Dietitian, will meet with you privately to discuss your personal journey and help you succeed in reaching your goals.
Many of us are guilty of trying fad diets or diet pills in the past. Even though we understand healthy living is a daily journey, we feel discouraged or frustrated so we try yet another diet that worked for our friend or neighbor. Our mission at Axio Fitness is to help people not fall victim to the next fad. It is possible for anyone to live a balanced lifestyle, have good days and bad, but ultimately be confident and in control of their exercise and nutrition. 

As a dietitian, Kara is licensed to support you in any challenges such as:

- Diabetes
- Heart Disease
- Overweight or Obesity
- Food allergies
- Gastrointestinal Disorders
- Side effects to medications
- Eating Disorders
- And More

Along with the science behind sound nutrition, Kara supports her clients with the lifestyle aspects as well. She will teach you how to be aware of your relationship with food and she’ll help you overcome any emotional or knowledge barriers preventing you from reaching your goals.
Kara also provides the accountability many of us need. “I know what to do, I just don’t do it” is something we hear all the time. There are reasons you aren’t doing what you need to do, and Kara will help you become aware of those reasons and keep you accountable to positive changes. 

Kara has over 12 years of experience and she is very well liked by everyone who has had the privilege of working with her. She is knowledgeable, helpful, motivating and compassionate.
Axio Nutrition counseling takes place in any of our convenient locations, or virtually. Improve your quality of life by taking control of your nutrition. Contact us to learn more about Axio Nutrition.

“The nutrition education I received at Axio Fitness has been very valuable. Kara, the dietitian, is not judgemental- something I have experienced with other dietitians. She works with you to learn what you like and don’t like and develops a plan that is tailored to YOU. I needed education on low sodium foods, increasing my calcium intake and most of all weight loss. She provided me with lists of appropriate foods, recipes, and shoed me how to use the app My Fitness Pal. I needed accountability and direction which is exactly what I got! I highly recommend using this service at Axio Fitness.” -Amy D. Canfield, Oh

“Axio Fitness’s nutrition program was customized and personalized with my wellbeing and goals in mind. Tailoring a program that fit my lifestyle and not just another “canned diet” motivated me and as a result made me feel better and look better. Kara spent time educating me on healthy living practices and also held me accountable to my short term goals. Her dedication to my wellbeing made me feel like a friend and not a client.” -Jared W. Columbiana, Oh

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