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Our Axio Nutrition Program is overseen by our Lead Dietitian, Heather Robinson:

"Hi, I'm Heather Robinson, Registered Dietitian! My love for nutrition started while I was doing my undergraduate classes at Kent State University, I was going for exercise physiology at the time. One of my requirements was to take a basic nutrition course, I instantly fell in love and changed my degree to a bachelors in science of human nutrition, after my bachelors I went on to get my masters degree in nutrition and dietetics along with an internship at Marywood University. 
Nutrition and eating healthy has not always been a part of my life. After many years of having an unhealthy relationship with food I finally found a way to overcome my addiction to food, and turn my addiction to into my passion.
Today, I love helping clients understand that it is not simply calories in vs calories out, it is so much more and complex than that. Each person is different in their journey and I am here to help guide and make that journey easier. I also have a large background in working with maternal and pediatric nutrition. I am blessed to be a part of the Axio Fitness team and family."

Our mission at Axio Fitness is to help people not fall victim to the next fad diet or food trend, but to maintain control of their nutrition for life. This does not mean never eating a cheat meal or always being hungry. It simple means to have the knowledge and proper relationship with food to maintain a healthy lifestyle and be in control of your journey. 

All of our dietitians are licensed to support you in any challenges including:
- Diabetes
- Heart Disease
- Overweight or Obesity
- Food allergies
- Gastrointestinal Disorders
- Side effects to medications
- Eating Disorders

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