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The Importance of Core Strength

Many of us want to focus on our ab muscles because we want a flat stomach. However, a strong core includes so much more than flat abs or improved physical appearance. Remember that your core is your entire midsection and not just your abs. Experts describe your core as your abs, sides, back, pelvic floor, […]

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Three Ways to Stay Motivated

The New Year tends to naturally be a motivating time for all of us. With the Holiday craziness ending, reflecting on the previous year and optimism for the future, it is a great time to make your health a priority and set new goals. For most of us, however, that motivation starts to fade after […]

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Squats are Important

Squatting is a type of strength training exercise that has several benefits for overall health and wellness. Some of the potential advantages of incorporating squats into your exercise routine include:Improved muscle strength and power: Squats engage and strengthen many major muscle groups, including the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and core muscles. Stronger muscles can help improve […]

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Training for a Race

This time of year is a great time to consider registering for a race in the spring or summer! Doing something like a 5k can keep you motivated and more structured in your exercise.Training for a 5k, 10k or marathon can be a big undertaking and requires commitment, discipline, and a structured plan. Here are […]

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Strength Training and Weight Loss

Many of us tend to think that cardio is for weight loss and strength training is for muscle toning. But the truth is that strength training is very helpful for weight loss and a very important aspect of your overall health.Strength training burns a lot of calories. And we all know we need to burn […]

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Burn Extra Calories this Holiday Season

We can all be realistic about the fact that we consume more calories during the Holidays. No matter how much we try to overcome all the temptation, it is nearly impossible. For me, it is impossible!A realistic goal through the holidays is to maintain your weight. Consuming extra calories means you need to burn more […]

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Avoiding Neck and Back Pain

Many aches and pains could be due to injury, tissue damage, or arthritis. However, much of the common neck and back pains we experience are caused by our habits and lifestyle. You could be doing harmful patterns daily that eventually result in waking up to debilitating neck or back pain.  To avoid experiencing these types […]

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Three Winter Cardio Ideas

With the fall season upon us and winter weather quickly approaching, many of us don’t feel the motivation or determination to get outside for a walk or jog. I can relate! As much as I love walking, jogging, biking, and hiking, I avoid those things in cold weather! However, many people find the treadmill and […]

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3 Ways to Break Through Barriers

We work with clients every day who are on a journey to better health. And a journey is exactly what it is. There are highs, lows, motivations, discouragements, successes, and failures.I like to ask clients to think about barriers to success and try to identify the things that may get in the way of them […]

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Don't Underestimate Yourself

Working in this industry for 18 years, I have a lot of great stories and memories about clients and their journey with us. One memory I have is a time when a woman came to one of our studios because she was considering joining and wanting to get more information. As I was giving her […]

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