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DIET is a Four Letter Word

When you see or hear the word “diet,” what is the first thing that comes to mind? Restriction? Small portions? Deprivation? “Diet” always conjures up negative thoughts and images. If you have made the decision to eat healthier, don’t look at it as if you are going on a diet. Usually that means you are […]

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Accountability is the Solution

Everyone wants to be healthy, of course! I personally have not met someone who doesn’t want to be a little stronger, healthier, more fit, or more energetic. So, if our culture places a high value on health, why is it that so many people struggle to actually see results and achieve their health and fitness […]

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When is the Best Time to Stretch?

If you ask three different personal trainers their opinion on the best time to stretch, you’ll likely get three different answers. Many people want to know if it is best to stretch before or after a workout. There are many experts who believe the best time to stretch is 2-3 hours after a workout, and […]

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Measurements Matter

At Axio Fitness, all of our clients start out with an assessment before we train them. Then, every six weeks, we do the same assessment to measure their progress.Even though our clients mostly care about how they feel or how their clothes fit, we can learn a lot about their health and fitness from just […]

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Staying Consistent through the Holidays

It is hard to believe that we are already approaching the holiday season. For many of us, we get very busy with travel, parties, shopping, and many other “to do’s” that are in addition to our already busy schedules.It’s natural and hard to avoid losing motivation to get your workouts in. Or you may just […]

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The "Spot Reduction" Myth

At Axio Fitness, we strive to train our clients based on what they need for their body and their goals, and what they enjoy. There are so many right ways to exercise, so we want our clients to tell us what they enjoy, and we try to learn their interests and their exercise style.However, so […]

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Try Rucking

There are many great ways to get exercise outdoors in the warm weather. One of those is rucking. Rucking is simply walking with a weighted backpack also known as a rucksack.  Walking with the added weight burns more calories than walking normally, and it helps improve strength with a much lower risk of injury or […]

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Your One-Mile Challenge

Many people know the tremendous health benefits of walking or running, but we struggle to find the motivation to stay consistent. Many of our clients would agree that it is tough to find time to get outside for a little cardio when it isn’t a priority in their busy day. One way to stay motivated […]

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Three Things the Best Personal Trainers have in Common

I’ve been in the personal training industry for 18 years, and I have met some pretty impressive personal trainers through different trade shows, industry conventions and virtual events. I’ve had the privilege of meeting personal trainers that have trained some pretty famous celebrities and Olympic athletes, and I’ve even met trainers that have been on […]

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Same Day, Big Difference

Day 1:You wake up in the morning, eat your healthy and nutritious breakfast, and then you head to work. Thanks to your good night’s sleep and your healthy breakfast, you feel energized and productive, and you are rocking the day!Then you start to feel a little hungry, look at your watch and realize it’s lunch […]

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